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The oil: Types of oil

Tinajas antigüas de aceite

Depending on its origin, olive oil can be sweet, strong, perfumed or fruity. A good oil always has to taste of fresh olives, although there can be a wide range of secondary flavours that enrich it, such as artichoke, apple, pear, almond, avocado, lemon, banana, hazelnut, as well as others related to herbs and grasses: hay, fresh grass, etc..

  • Virgin oil: pure, unblended, unrefined olive oil, which has an oil acid content of less than 1.5º.
  • Extra olive oil: these are oils that have no more than 1.5 degrees; the lesser the degree, the more select they are considered.
  • Normal or semi-fine oil: oil with degrees of between 1.5 and 3º.
  • Olive oil used for lamp oil: : those that exceed 3º acidity, which are refined to make them suitable for marketing.

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