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The oil: Use therapeutic

Uso terapeutico del aceite en época romana

Olive oil can be used as a medicinal food both to prevent and treat many different illnesses, as it is well-balanced in fatty acids and rich in minor compounds. It is also relatively easy to digest and contributes to the assimilation of vitamins and minerals. It has a protective factor for the cardiovascular system, the stomach and the liver, favouring growth and prolonging life expectation. It has been scientifically demonstrated, today, that olive oil has the following virtues:

  • - It reduces the level of cholesterol.
  • - It decreases the risk of heart attacks.
  • - It reduces the probabilities of arterial thrombosis.
  • - It decreases gastric acidity and protects from ulcers and gastritis.
  • - It regulates intestinal transit.
  • - It protects bone growth and provides for excellent bone mineralisation.
  • - It is highly indicated to prevent the deteriorating effects of age on brain functions and above all the ageing of tissues and organs in general.

For centuries, it has also been the basis for cosmetics and ointments relating to skin care, cures and scar formation. These aspects are taken into account by natural medicine today. Olive oil is thus used as a component of products to:

  • - Mature and cure abscesses.
  • - Cure skin cracks.
  • - Beautify and strengthen nails.
  • - Relieve rheumatism.
  • - Condition dry skin.
  • - Treat hair.
  • - Skin tanning.

Three practical examples of its use:

  • - Unction of pure oil as a relaxing and tonic element for the skin.
  • - Beeswax and oil hand cream (the traditional cerato).
  • - Pot marigold and oil cream for skin and wounds.

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