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The oil : Use culinary

Uso culinario del aceite Use culinary

 Olive oil, as an essential kitchen ingredient, has been present in our lives since the 6th century BC. Over the centuries, many different civilisations have appreciated its culinary qualities, as well as its protective and regulating properties for our health. A support of fatty matter is necessary in any kitchen, to fry, cook, dress or emulsify, and olive oil is the fat that satisfies these functions in Mediterranean cuisine.

The excellence acquired by olive oil is defined by the fact that, opposed to other oils, that originate from seeds, grains or dried fruit, it is the only oil in the world to be obtained from a “fruit”; and, thanks to this singular origin, it has a perfume and a flavour that convert it into the gastronomic oil par excellence.

Uso culinario del aceite

Fortunately, the oil map in the Iberian Peninsula offers a great variety of fruit, depending on the type of soil and the geographical location. This rich variety of fruits gives rise to a broad “palette” of aromas and flavours, enriched by the mixture of milled olives. This “chromatic” variety also offers a wide range of nuances both for traditional cuisine and to create exquisite dishes prepared by expert hands.

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