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The ouk : Characteristics

Aceite de Oliva


After the campaign, when the olive oil has been milled and packed, it has a greenish-gold colour, which turns into a bright golden colour after a few months.

It must be not stored in the home for a long time, and when appropriate, it must be kept in a dark, cool place and in hermetically-sealed containers. The best before date is one year after packing.

The degree of acidity varies according to the types of oil obtained (procedures) and also on the fruit varieties used, as well as mixtures of varieties. Normally, this acidity can vary between 0.5 and 3º, although sometimes this degree is surpassed and the oil is refined to make it suitable for marketing.

The fatty acid content, as well as the organoleptic assessment is also variable depending on the characteristics of the fruit and its origin, derived from the rich diversity of soils and microclimates. As a practical example, the perception of oil with a mixture of fruit and Navarre Denomination of Origin can be highlighted: “they are complex oils with a fertile balance and a high intensity of the fruity attribute, which present an aroma with nuances that vary from green olive to spices and ripe olives. They are slightly or moderately bitter and spicy in the mouth, with a touch of artichoke (Arroniz), banana (Arbequina), or almond and sweet (Empetre)".

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